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    Question Unanswered: Failed to open stream errors (using php script with MySQL)

    I'm really at a loss. In fact, I'd have no problem sending $10-$30 to someone via PayPal if they can get this working for me. It should be simple... for those who know servers, MySQL and the likes... but that's not me.

    I keep getting these errors:
    Warning: main(../../_scripts/PromoCodeScript/includes/config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

    I'm trying to install a new script. I am hosted with GoDaddy on a Linux OS. An install.php script is to install the whole thing and then I should be able to access an admin area to use it.

    But that's just not working.

    The install.php does go through the installation, creates the config file and tells me the Installation went okay. As soon as I head over to the admin area, I get messages like the one above or more specifically like this:

    Warning: main(../../_scripts/PromoCodeScript/includes/config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/r/o/b/robtoth27/html/DearEmployee/admin/index.php on line 4

    But the errors reference lines 4, 5, 6 and 28.

    Line 4 of the .php file (when I open it in Dreamweaver) is:
    include ("../includes/config.php");

    Line 5 is...

    Line 6 is...

    Line 28 is...

    Is the above information of any use? Does anyone have even a suspesion of what the error could be?

    I'll mention that the script (a promo/discount script) is sold online and has several hundred customers who are well setup. So the script seems to work. But let's just say their tech support is lacking at best (which I'll address with them later but right now I need this script live and can't keep waiting).

    Any advice is welcomed. Rob Toth

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    it seems to be an installation problem, which I am sure you already know, but I did a quick search through google and some things to check for:

    1. make sure the files are actually there
    2. make sure that the permissions on the folders are set correctly
    3. someone else changed the name of the file and it worked..dunno if this is a good solution

    good luck i hope this helped

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    Because of the different paths for the included file portion of the error message and the path of the index.php file portion of the error, I am wondering if the script is setting the include path to some assumed value, but the script was actually put into a different named folder? Could you post lines 1 through 6 of the file (xxxxxxx out any sensitive information such as passwords...)

    You mention an install.php file, and while it is true that if this included an index.php file in the admin folder (which would be unusual as an install script usually would be self contained as far as the main body of its code), it could produce the path seen in the error message, make sure that you have browsed to the correct path and file for the installation script and not to the admin folder index file instead.

    Did this script appear to be running the install routine (asking configuration type questions) or did it immediately output the error messages?

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