I am currently working on my own bulletin board software written in php and MySQL. The basic skeleton is complete, however, I need someone, a contributor to join the Team and look over the forum's source code and see if they can get it working (working as in: a forum up where users can register and post on the forum, with the catagories showing). The job does not pay, but it makes gives you something in return. If you'd help us here's what we can do in return:

1. Give you full rights to modify the source code to make your own forum (even to sell). You will be in no onligation to follow the License that is with the forum. You'd get permission to whatever you'd likea s long as you don't use the forum name/logo basically.

2. You'll be on our Contributor's list and mentioned that the forum wouldn't be possible without you. Also we will put any link/banner on our website to help promonte you or your website (which either you'd like).

3. You will also be listed in the copyright notice in the forums source code stating you were a major contribitor in completing the forum.

If you have any offers, then plese post and we will see if we can meet your requiements. We just cannot offard to pay anyone.

If anyone would be generous enough to help us out, it would be greatly appriciatated.

Thank you for your time.

Also, if you'd like to see the forum (what it looks like at this state in development as and I will PM you the link to view it).