Hi guys,

There is corporate program on our machines that fixes the screen saver to run after 10 minutes of no response. unfortunatly I need the screensaver to run slightly longer than this for presentations and videos that are presented to an audience. What I would therefore like to do is create something that will delay the screen saver for an extra x amount of minutes. I can think of two ways of doing this;

1) to record the current settings, modify the settings to what I want and at the end of the program, to restore the original settings.

2) to have some action that mimicks the mouse movement or a keyboard stroke

Unfortunatly I don't have the necessary VB skills to do this. Would anyone know of a way to help?

Please note though, that I do not want to switch the screen saver off... If someone forgets to restore the settings, it leaves our log-on's open.

Many thanks