Recently I encountered a particular strange problem when upgrading Sybase
database from 11.5.1 to 11.9.2, detailed information is as follows.

My application use SYBASE_Open Client DB-Library to communicate with the database. Its "login/logout" function does work normally under sybase 11.5.1 without any problem, but when I upgrade the sybase to 11.9.2, the Sybase database and my application will hang up for around 10 minutes after login/logoff 3 to 4 times.

I have debugged my source code and found the application was stopped because the UPDATE and INSERT statements were executed many times and then the Sybase database does not accept any connection request anymore until 10 minutes later. I also examined the errorlog file and the following message will be recorded when the Sybase database is hanged up and user still try to execute any SQL statements under the "SQL Adventage" of Sybase.

"nl__write_defer: write failed on socket 5. : The pipe is being closed."

I wonder if some particular resource has been exhausted, anyway, it is just my guess.

Can anybody give me some clues to follow up this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance,