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    Unanswered: Query based on parameters over three fields


    I have a Report that displays details of participants who have completed an award level. At the moment the data comes from a query that has a Between parameter so that I can enter a start date and an end date and it will pull up the appropriate records. However, this is a little clumsy as the parameter is in an [Updated] field that records whenever a participant's record is changed. So when I run the query, I not only get participants who have completed a level of the Award, but also participants who have just had some of their record details changed.

    What I really need to be able to do is pull out only participants who have completed a level of their award between a certain date range. The problem I have, is that the database is set up so that there are fields for each level of the award. So we have a [BronzeComplete] field, a [SilverComplete] field, and a [GoldComplete] field (these have dates entered when a participant completes a level). I need the query to pull out any participants who have had a date entered into their [BronzeComplete] field or [SilverComplete] field between a certain date range.

    I hope this makes sense, and would appreciate any suggestions...


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    In the query design view add your between statement under the BronzeComplete field go down a row and add the same statement under the SilverComplete field. If you have any other criteria, you will need to add it to the second row. If you're still having problems post your SQL.

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