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    Unanswered: Help with Search function

    hi guys... i am currently working on a search form for my database.. here's
    how my form looks like:

    when the user will type in for example "EOT Corp." in the "Search for" field
    and will choose "Company Name" in the "Search by" combo box, the database
    will look for all the "EOT Corp." entries under the field of "Company Name"
    in a table. The options under the "Search by" combo box will come from different tables... Not only from tblCompany.

    the results should be shown in another filled form like this:

    does anyone has a sample VBA code for this function? i've been searching for
    it, but unfortunately i wasn't able to find what i was looking for. thank you
    very much. all your replies would mean so much.

    if you want, you can also check the actual ms access file:

    thanks a lot... =)
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