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    Unanswered: A couple of questions with PostGre

    Hi I have some questions with postgre
    1) Does PostGre support disk based clustering (not memory based as MySQL)? Does it have or support a cluster file system? Something similar to Oracle cluster file system?

    2) How can HA be implemented in Postgre?

    3) Does Postgre support horizontal partitioning of large tables? Partitions should be on different machines. How solid is their partitioning?

    If any one have some idea about these ones, let me know pleae


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    Lals, this is probably a question best posted at the Postgres mailing lists. Ref the PostgreSQL FAQ sticky thread at the top of this forum. (I use Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server, but all at the single server level.)

    Postgres supports tablespaces down to the table level. It uses the underlying OS disk management for all its disk I/O, so, whatever clustering (if any) the OS uses, PostgreSQL will use it (transparently) as well.

    PostgreSQL High Availability approaches generally use the Slony master-slave replication method. Essentially, with pg version 8 and greater, you can make a snapshot dump of the system, restore it to the slave server, and then continuously restore the write-ahead log files from the master to the slave, thus keeping it in sync. It is my understanding that version 8.2, which is in Beta release, supports more advanced archival/HA techniques.

    There are also several commercial implementations of PostgreSQL that you may wish to investigate - among them, EnterpriseDB. I believe that you can download and use their "light" implementation (up to a 4 server cluster) free of charge. If you need a larger implementation, you would need to buy it, but, it's orders of magnitude less expensive than equivalent Oracle clustering (since you're not paying for the underlying database technology - only for their clustering modifications and support.)
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