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    Unanswered: Memory Usage by dataserver and monserver

    Hi eveybody,

    I got this problem while analyzing one of our databases. It is observed that the dataserver and the monserver are showing the same value for memory usage in the prstat output (Solaris 8/9) say 5.79GB which is less than the configured memory for the Sybase ASE instance (7.89 GB).

    My question is would it be prudent to add the numbers shown by prstat for dataserver and monserver (5.79 GB each) to know that actual memory usage of all sybase processes running. As evident it would exceed the configured value. I obtained this value (7.89 GB) from dbcc memusage from Sybase ASE.

    Can anyone please help me figure out the best way to find actual memory usage of the sybase dataserver and monitor server processes?

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    Sybase's memory usage can usually be reduced to the shared memory segment - and this can be determined with ipcs -bm (see the SEGSZ column).

    To this you need to add the process overhead which is probably 25-30MB or so.

    Note that monserver doesn't use much memory as it simply attaches to the same shared memory segment that ASE uses.


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