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    Unanswered: sql as controlsource for textbox

    I have a syntax problem inthe following:

    Me.Text16.ControlSource = "SELECT Count(referrals.Name) FROM referrals WHERE ((referrals.Concern)='&DSTLA&'));"

    the return should be a number calculated by counting the number of records based on the surname field. from the referrals table where the field concern=DSTLA.

    on form me text16 is a textbox.
    I am using VBA to update the textbox after a command button is pressed (at present this is a testcase scenario as I am trying to fix the syntax).

    the textbox currently returns ?Name, rather than the number, and yet the code compiles ok.

    I intend to build the sql with further criteria, so would not like to use
    me.text16=dcount[field1,source,criteria] etc

    many thanks

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    Hi rodmead

    As you have suggested using DCount, what is wrong with this

    Me.Text16.ControlSource = DCount("Name","referrals","Concern= '" & DSTLA & "'")


    You can add many criteria to the 'Criteria' part, provided thay all refer to field in the same table (or stored query).

    I don't think the control source for a Textbox can be a select statement or its resulting recordset (even if it is only one record with one field). Is that correct ?


    p.s. looking at yout post again I am not sure if you don't mean this

    Me.Text16.ControlSource = DCount("Name","referrals","Concern= 'DSTLA')

    depents wether DSTLA is a variable in the code or a value in the table!?

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    ok this works, when placed in the controlsource field in the properties menu:
    =DCount("Name","referrals","Concern= 'DSTLA' ")

    Now how do I use multiple criteria? for example when the concern is DSTLA and Sex=M. Am I to use semi-colon separators and then where do the single and double quotes go?


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    =DCount("Name","referrals","Concern= 'DSTLA' AND Sex = 'M'")

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