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    Unanswered: Newb Question: Edit master tables?


    I am a newb to Sybase, and have been toying around with a test system (12.5). I've found that I can create and delete tables in the "master" database, using both the PC Client and isql. However, for some reason, I cannot modify or delete columns. When I try, I get the following message:-

    "The 'select into' database option is not enabled for database 'master'. ALTER TABLE with data copy cannot be done. Set the 'select into' database option and re-run."

    When attempting to alter the 'select into' option, I've found that:-

    "The 'master' database's options can not be changed."

    I've been poking around the 'net but haven't found anything helpful. Can anybody tell me if there is a way around this, or do I have to delete and re-create the entire table?


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    First of all - do NOT create your own tables in the master database. Instead, create a new database and create tables, etc. in this new database.

    The master database should be reserved for system tables.


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