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    Unanswered: Creating a secure online database for techs

    Three of us were given a project last week and this is what we are trying to accomplish:

    Collect data from clients' IT network software and hardware configuration, password, etc.

    The collected data will then be entered into a database.

    Database will be uploaded to a secured area of our web site which can only be accessible through a highly secured server by our IT techs.

    Allow IT techs to make updates to the database via web site.

    My questions:

    Does anyone know of a open source database that is configurable and is capable of realtime updates whereas our registered techs can logon to our secured web site and retrieve the info?

    In order for this to be secure, do we need to have a security certificate (https) to secure this portion of the site?

    Will using a sub domain advisable as an alternative for a secured web site?

    Our goal is to allow our IT techs the capability to retrieve client's detailed info and specifications of hardware and software by logging onto our web site's database from the client's computer.

    I have looked into phpMyAdmin as a solution but since I am so new at this, I am not sure if this is right for us.

    I am open for suggestions.


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    Answer to your first question is all the databases are real time unless there is no delay in transmission of data from feeding point to the database server and when you dont care about micro seconds.

    You can run you web site on secure network even without purchasing a certificate by using default certificate. But users will be alerted for invalid certificates. So if you don't want you users to be warned for this invalidity you must purchase the certificate. Infact this is the only option for a secure site.

    Sub-domain can not be secure enough to take care of database manipulation from outsite world. Again if you trust the IPs from where users are loggin in you can filter the IPs and only allow them to login but then anyone can snoop the data over the network. It can be risky

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