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    Unanswered: query parameters and customised input forms


    I have a report which is dependent on a query. The query selects a recordset according to a name, start and end date.

    I want to provide a useful input interface for the report, such as a drop down combo for the username and a popup menu for selecting the dates.

    I've been looking at how to do this in various howto's online, so far I have been unsucessful.

    Would someone be good enough to point me to where I can learn about how to do this, I'm sure its a really simple task.

    Query sql looks like:
    SELECT blah
    FROM [Schedule Details]
    WHERE ((([Schedule Details].[Staff Name])=(Forms!frmEnterNameDates!cmbStaffName)) 
    And (([Schedule Details].ScheduleStartDate)>=(Forms!frmEnterNameDates!txtScheduleStartDate)) 
    And (([Schedule Details].ScheduleEndDate)<=(Forms!frmEnterNameDates!txtScheduleEndDate)))
    ORDER BY [Schedule Details].[Staff Name] DESC;
    and I have a form called 'frmEnterNameDates' with controls 'cmbStaffName', 'ScheduleStartDate' and 'ScheduleEndDate'.



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    I found my issue, my combo box was returning the wrong value, rather than staff name it was returning staff id, thus the sql was failing.

    All works well now.

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