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    Unanswered: query last run date??

    Is there anyway in Access to display the last time a query was run? I'm trying to clean up a database here and don't want to get rid of anything that has been used recently.

    I thought it would be in database window when you view it in the Details view, but it's not there. Can i edit those fields?

    Thanks in advance

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    Nope - afraid not.

    Do users manually run queries via the database window? If so then your only option is what is known in the trade as the "scream test" Backup the db, delete all the queries you think might not be used and wait for the screams. Upon receipt of scream - restore the specific query.

    If all functions are accessed via a UI then you have the scream option or you can purchase\ write (not for the faint hearted) a dependancy utility to find out which objects are "orphaned"

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