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    Red face Unanswered: how to Create an order before you scan it

    Hello All,
    I have built a database for storing partnumber and serial numbers of various products.

    tbl1x main table
    tbl1xdetail subtable use for serial numbers
    tblparts for storing partnumbers

    On my main form I have fields like date, order number etc.
    On my subform I have partnumber as a combobox from tbl parts along with serialnumber field.

    I scan or enter partnumbers and serials from the unit, which works fine for now, but I want to make it more time efficient.

    For example

    enclosure partnumber
    1. drive partnumber
    2. drive partnumber
    3. drive partnumber
    etc etc

    Instead Id like to have a scenario option in there so I could create an order first, then scan it.

    Let me explain: What if by clicking a button it will ask you how many enclosures do you have in an order and then when you type/select 1 or 2 or 3 then it will ask you how many drives per enclosure are going with it(installed) and after selecting that it will openup another form filtered only with the chosen values, so you can scan that order along with ordernumber and couple of other fields.

    Is that possible???

    Any help would be wonderful

    I am using Access 2003!
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    anyone here like to take a shot at it??

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