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    Unanswered: Reorgchk

    UDB 8.2 FP9 OS : AIX, WIN

    1) IS Reorgchk on database will make the other applications in Lock wait state?

    I am not able to run Reorgchk on table all with out an outage. What is the best way to do this.

    I am thinking ot run the reorgchk for each and every table. But the output is going to be too much.

    2) Can some one give me the tips for implementing reorgs.

    I would like to know the best practices (condidiotns ) for cluster factor , cluster ratio and overflow.

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    I have DB2 8 FixPak10.

    We use DB2 in an SAP environment (not in production as yet).
    There is an SAP/DB2 IBM Redbook that suggests running reorgck for all tables at least once per week (presumeably at night because I believe it does place a table lock on the table it is working on). Then, less frequently, run a reorg for flagged tables.

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