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    Hi, I am relatvily new to Access...

    I am trying to create a query that would show me the Top100 products ordered by Qty by man and his contract.

    My table of data consists of

    Product Ordered
    Product Group

    How can I show this in a simple way that I can understand?


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    Take the query that would normally group together quantity and man, then add "SELECT TOP 100" to it.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    This is my query that I wrote...

    SELECT qryNPCData.Council, qryNPCData.ProductOrdered, qryNPCData.Qty
    FROM qryNPCData
    WHERE (((qryNPCData.Qty) In (SELECT TOP 100 qryNPCData.[Qty] FROM qryNPCData AS qryNPCData WHERE qryNPCData.[Qty] = qryNPCData.[Qty] AND qryNPCData.[Qty] = qryNPCData.[Qty] ORDER BY qryNPCData.[Qty] DESC)))
    ORDER BY qryNPCData.Qty DESC;

    My next problem I have found is when I delete the Qty as found thats not
    what I was after. I am wanting to count the number of products instead.

    I tried to replace the Qty with just the Products and this doesnt give me a
    count of all the same product, just gives me a count of 1 each time.

    How can I measure the Top100 products


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