Hello all, this is my first post, I have been looking around the net to find a solution to my problem, but so far I haven't found anything, my name is Antonio and I'm from Mexico, greetings all, now to the issue if you may:

A little background:

I use AC2K and the CR bundled with VB.NET 03, I imported some reports created with CR 4.6 originally made to be used with a VB6 app, so far so good, eveything was working fine until I tested one of the reports.

The problem was that it was printing twice the same record, after a while I decided that I ought to re-create the same report entirely in CR for .NET, so I opened the create report wizard.

You're asked to select the proper DB engine, I choose Jet 4.0 Ole DB and after being prompted with the location and password of the database, there is dialog that shows:

"Cannot start your application. The workgroup information file is missing or opened exclusively by another user."

I use a local AC database, none else is using it, no linked tables to anywhere, no aditional security other than a simple password, if I remove the PWD works fine but this is not an option.

Hope anyone can help, thanks.