I have a SQL Server linked server to progress database (version 9.1d) using merant 3.70 odbc drivers. I frequently use an OPENQUERY statement to query data and it works nicely. However, in order to do a sum/group by, you have to have sql server do it. In other words, you can't put the sum/group in the progress query, as shown below...

select *
from openquery(progressdb,
'select from-id, acct, acct-unit1, amt = sum(dom-amount)
from ledger
where trans-date between 9/03/2006 and 10/7/2006
and from-id = ''WC Dist''
group by from-id, acct, acct-unit1'

The odbc driver won't let you do this without a precision error. And sql server requires a column alias for the sum() function, but progress symtax won't allow an alias as sql will. Anyone know how to do this (what should be a) simple task?