Hi. Does anyone know where or how I can get a copy of Data Junction? I had this software on my computer forever and my hard drive crashed. The company does not sell this software anymore but offer another application that costs $3000.00 which insane. I would really like Data Junction or something similar or affordable.

Data Junction v7.0 Description:

is a data conversion tool that can translate structured data to and from almost any format. Data Junction can be used to convert over 80 types of files, including databases, flat files, spreadsheets, ASCII files, binary files, EBCDIC data, SQL data, ODBC data sources, COBOL files, ISAM data, vertical applications, mailmerge files, statistics files, contact management data, mathematical files, accounting data, reports, text files, and much more.
There are powerful filter, edit and mapping capabilities for modifying characters, fields and records into the exact format required. Specifications can be selected interactively through a powerful graphical user interface, or automated with batch tools.

Thanks for any help