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    Unanswered: Creating a database

    I have an excel document that I would like to put in a database. That database should count the number of tickets created by each tech rep; list the area, sub area and description of call created by a user. Can access perform this task and if yes, any idea I to approach that project. And access won't be able to do please make a suggestion.

    Request Id SRS Started Call Description Area Sub Area Request Status Closed Date Assign To Created By
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    Creating a Database

    Yes, it can do this.

    Yes, you can bring in your Excel spreadsheet.

    (Here comes the but...)

    However, you'll probably want to split your data into different tables and normalize it. Basically, you want the information to be stored in the smallest piece or chunk possible without losing any information.

    For instance, you may have a tech with a tech ID. Instead of writing that techs name and full address fifteen times everytime they get a new ticket create a table that has the tech ID and the ticket number and relevant information. that way you can link to a separte table with the tech personal/biographic info and another table with the more descriptive information about the job.

    There are lots of books out to help on this subject. Plus, there are plenty of people here who can help with questions. Try importing your Excel spreadsheet into Access and begin by running some basic queries on the data. YOu'll suddenly see how very powerful a database is and how quickly you can access your data. After that, well, keep reading and start building!

    Good luck...and I hope this helps in some small way.


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    Just an FYI - I am going to lock the dupe thread in the SQL Server forum. This should be addressed in the Access forum and then followed with a new thread in SQL Server if it turns out Access is not suficient for your needs.
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    i would prefer you leave because its a broad question

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