some days ago our server with postgres 8.0 crashed. that woudn't be so much fatal if we would have a complete backup, but there isnt one. We only have a incremental backup from the psql data folder, including
- the complete "base" dir,
- "pg_control" and "pgstat.stat" from "global" dir
- one 32kb file from "pg_clog" folder
- one 160kb file from "pg_subtrans" folder
- one 16mb file from "pg_xlog"
and at least the postgres.log

Is there any possibility to extract or restore our database data, or just parts of them? I have to extract as much as possible databases/tables... Or is there any tool to extract the data? The Database structur isnt so important, but the data from some tables... At all the database consists around 20 databases with ca. 30-40 tables per database.

Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english.