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    Unanswered: Corporate IT refuse to let Users create Crystal reports

    Hi Folks,

    I'd really appreciate some guidance on how Crystal reports can be used by knowledgeable Business Users.

    I am advising a Client where Corporate IT says only they can create Crystal Reports.

    Unfortunately, they are understaffed so the level of service they offer is pretty bad and the Business Users are very unhappy because the Reports no longer meet their their requirements.

    As a result, they have to do way too much analysis using pencil. paper and Excel.

    What can I tell the CEO about current best practice ?

    What I would like to say is that we can get an Crystal Reports expert to create some Report Templates which the Business Users can then modify from time to time, or simply define values to pre-defined parameters - such as time-periods ?
    I would also like to say that the dog-in-the-manger attitude of Corporate IT is old-fashioned, restrictive and does not reflect what other organisations are doing.

    I hope this makes sense and I would certainly be grateful for any guidance !

    Thanks very much.
    Barbara Dimple
    Senior DBA

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    You can create an interface where the user can select the tables and fields and also the header & footer and some small relatively easy conditions,that will give them a dynamic report generation power...thats a good practice,you are just giving the permitted priviledges to the user..but if your company doesn't like that method ,you can go for Bulk of different report generations for every specific category.
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    Corporate IT and Crystal Reports


    That's a wonderful reply - I can quote it verbatim in 'full and frank discussions' with Corporate IT !

    And I really appreciate the speed of your response.

    Thanks a lot.


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