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Thread: Pop Up Problem

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    Unanswered: Pop Up Problem


    How to pass the value from a popup to previous page or parent page?

    I'm getting one problem that is in pop up. I have a page which is for form validation and in that some user agreement is there for that when we click for the submit button it validates all the fields and gives a popup. in the pop up the agreement is there if he presses the agree then only the main window has to pass to next page. But here it is going to next page after opening the popup.

    How can i make after pressing the popup only main page has to pass the values and go to next page.

    Can any body suggest me plz?

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    This sounds like a client side issue, the solution probably isn't in PHP.
    You probably want to look into Javascript, the forms 'onsubmit' handler may do something like what your after (If I understand the question)

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