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    Unanswered: Recovering from lost master database

    A win2k server lost the drive that the master.dat was on, but no other drives. I rebuilt the master database with the buildmastr command, updated the entry on the backup server name and when I try to load the master from a dump I get an error in regards to the character set and sort order.

    The solution in the sybase manual is to use dbcc traceflag 3100. This didn't work for me. I should probably also mention that the sybsystemprocs isn't online, so I can't do an sp_configure on the charset or sortorder.

    Any thoughts?
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    If you have a backup of the master.
    1. Create a new server with the master size the same as your backup.
    That includes the sybsystemprocs.
    2. Change your sort order from the sybinit(Unix) or SYCONFIG(Windows)

    3. Restart the server in single user mode -m

    4. Load the backup master database.

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    Yeah, seemed like something in that vein would be the answer, in the end pretty much what I did last night. Since I could start sybase with the blank master that the utility had made I opened syconfig and went to configure adaptive server and reset the sort order and charset. Apparently when I ran it it created a sybsystemproc to allow it to run, so I guess that it must have ran the sybinit when I changed the setting.

    In the end I'm not sure I saved a lot of time, I still had to restore the databases from backups as the transaction logs were on the same disk as master.

    Thanks for the assistance.

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