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    Unanswered: SQLLDR with embedded carriage returns

    I have data in varchar fields using 10g that has been unloaded to a flat file, delimited with '|'. Some of the data has embedded carriage returns. When trying to load the data with SQLLDR it treats this as the end of record, then fails on the next row as well.

    Is there a way to tell SQLLDR to ignore the carriage returns embedded in my data?


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    SQLLDR can load records split across multiple physical lines; however, it needs to have lines flagged as part of the same logical record, and this has to be done positionally.

    Look at the documentation for CONTINUEIF clause of the control file. Sounds like you may have to alter the file (say, with Perl) before loading it into the database. If you're lucky and have the same number of physical records for each logical record, you can use the CONTINUE clause.

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