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    Unanswered: MsSQL vs ASE & ASA

    I am a new Database user and in the past I have experience with only MSSQL. Here are some question I want to know.
    1) In terms of cost, performance, ease of use, how can I compare MSSQL 2005 with ASE and ASA.

    2) if I have many client (100+_ outside and want to access office's ASE or ASA database server via browser. Do I need to purchase ASE/ASA client for each 100+ user? If I access the database via a Web server is it possible that I can purchase only one cleint license for the Web service?

    3) Is there any limitation for ASA if I got a database for over 50GB data? will ASE better for larger database?

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    I put more concern about DB side rather than Client when I make program.
    To increase response speed I spend time to make Stored Procedure rather
    put SQL in Client side.
    How easy to write SQL in SQLAnywhere9(dialect)
    1.common table 2.Store Procedure as table 3.trim,substr (rtrim,ltrim,substring)
    Derived table can use in MSSQL(2K) but not common table and also Stored Procedure cann't behave as table so that whatever you put effort gone.
    select parts,partsname,qty from inventory('E') a,parts b where
    inventory('E') is stored procedure
    When SQL complicated, if u use derived table is easier. but when u want to
    refer to same derived table in many places, u want to define as common table
    rather than keep repeating same derived table definition

    How do u reduce log file physical size ? I used ACCPAC, what happen was
    log size become 5GB, data 2GB, HDD was 9GB.
    Since I don't attend course at all, takes long time to know how to reduce
    log size. SQLAny every backup reduce log physical size, I use -x -y option

    License issue, internet license so that u don't need to buy no of license.
    Size, no experience more than 30GB. up to 30GB no problems

    Does it help ?

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    Thanks. It does help.

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