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    Unanswered: Function that would count the no. of days in a month?

    Good day to evryone,

    I have some questions:
    1.) Is there a function in VB where I can count the no. of days in a month?
    2.) Is there a function that would result to the number equivalent of a month?
    Ex. JAN=1, FEB=2,....

    Thank you so much.

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    Use the Month(date) function to return the number of a month.

    Ex. Month(1/30/2006), returns 1 for Jan.

    Use the Datediff() function to determine the number of days in a month or even in a range of date.

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    to get the last day of the month,
    • build a date based on a given month and year, with the day = 1. (ex: 1-OCT-2006)
    • Use the DateAdd function to add 1 Month to this date (ex: 1-NOV-2006)
    • use the dateadd function to add -1 day to the prior result. (ex: 31-OCT-2006)

    The result is the last of the month.
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