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    Unanswered: Arabic info into Oracle

    REQUIREMENT : To transfer huge data from Informix to Oracle
    Some of the data is in arabic.
    I wanna use Sqlloader for the data transfer .
    So the data file will be in csv file format .

    the problem i think i am going to face is Arabic data from informix when converted to csv would get garbled.
    I tried a simple experiment with oracle with a table inserted some arabic data and then tried to spool it in a .csv file.
    The data got garbled in the csv file.
    Any suggestions or advice is highly appreciated.


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    SQL*Loader is capable of loading Unicode file. I have done that myself. You need to make sure that character in the Oracle database is correct, of course.
    All you have to do is make sure the .csv file is created with the proper encoding (e.g. UTF8).
    How you do that, depends on the tools you have at hand.
    Most of the Java/JDBC based tools can read and write UTF8 flat files, but then I don't know how well they work with Informix

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