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    Unanswered: Can this be done?


    I would like to "grovel" for some assistance. I am new to Access and VB
    scripting (very new). I have taken upon myself the task of creating a System
    Inventory database. This database is intended to track Desktop and Laptop
    information as well as support incidents per system. With that said here is
    my issue:

    My intention for this form is as follows:

    1. When the IT dept receives a desktop or laptop that requires servicing the
    Technician can pull up the search form and enter the serial# of the desktop
    or laptop into a text field "Search Box". Once the user clicks the search
    button it would display the systems information in the text boxes to the
    right of the search text box (The results will not be editable- display only).

    2. Just below the search box I have four task options: Update System
    Information, Create Support Case, Search Again/Clear Form and Close form.
    When the user clicks the Create Support Case entry button, I would like it
    open a separate form "Support Entry" (based on the results of the search) to
    allow the Technician to enter the case# that the system manufacturer assigns
    the case and allow the user to input notes of the case and a date the case
    was opened.

    The problem I am running into is that I cannot seem to figure out how to pass
    the "Search Text box entry" to populate the remaining fields (currently when
    you click search it displays the first record of the Systems table)
    I am not even sure how this can be done.

    Is it possble to "program" the Search button to reference the "Search Text
    Box" for the search criteria and then retreive the corresponding table entrys
    to populate the text boxes to the right (display only boxes)??

    Oh my head is hurting!!

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!
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