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    Unhappy Unanswered: Changing report from ODBC to OLE

    I have a report whose connection is ODBC. I formulated my query and used command. The application I'm trying to place this report in cannot use ODBC and I have to use OLE.

    I tried using the set database location I clicked command on the top box, then click command on the section box under my OLE I want to use. The dialog box pops up and I enter the query that I want to use, which is the exact same query I'm using with ODBC.

    I then click update, but nothing happens and the location does not change to the OLE.

    Does anyone know if it is even possible to do this? I do not want to redesign this whole report because it's quit extensive.

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    if u r using Crystal reports8.5 r earlier versions u r having the option to change the type pf connection, if u r using CR10 or CRXI then u r having the option update in the set data source location. with this u can change the odbc to ole

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