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    Unanswered: Problems with granting execution to another user

    I have the folowing problem:
    User A creates a table T and a Function F that inserts some data in table T. Then user A removes all privileges from user B on table T, but grants execute on function F. Now, user B can't do SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE nor DELETE on T, but can insted call F to insert some data in T.
    When user B calls F i get the error that user B has no privileges to do an INSERT into T. (In F there is an INSERT INTO T).

    Is there a way to solve this, exept by giving permisions to B to do INSERT on T?
    Can B call F, but run it with user A priviledges?

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    what version of PostgreSQL ?
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    I got the answer on another forum. The function must have SECURITY DEFINER so it can run with the priviledges of the owner.

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