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    Unanswered: Linking Paradox tables into Access 2000


    Just joined so apologies if I don't fully follow protocol. I am currently linking Paradox .db tables in to Access and having the following problems.

    1. On some tables I can view the data but cannot change it. I think this may be due to the Paradox table not having a Primary Index.

    2. On another table when I change data in a particular field for a single record, it changes a number of additional records as well. However it does not change ALL other records. Most perplexing. Any ideas or assistance would help.

    I currently have BDE 5.01 also installed on my PC.

    Also are there any free-ware Paradox viewers that I can use to independantly verify the information being displayed in Access?

    Thanks in advance

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    Maybe dbviewer(shareware) can help you. Look it up at google

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