Greetings. I'm Fran, and I am responsible for student records and registration in a small theological college. I built our system first in dBase II/III/III+ and then again in Paradox, and have been tending it from version 3 to version 10. Mostly, what I have needed to do, I was able to figure out, and I haven't had problems to speak of.

With disappearing support for Paradox, and other internal issues suggesting a need for a new database for the records system, I came here a few months ago, to do some brain picking, confirmed what I was thinking and brought the information back to my people. We're still messing around with that issue, $$$ being a significant factor.

So, for the time being we're still doing the Paradox thing, which suits me fine -- I'd rather not change, but do the further development that's needed in Paradox. But let's not go there at this point. I think it would be flogging a dead horse.

And it's good to have a place to come, when issues arise that I haven't encountered and don't seem to be covered in the help. There is database expertise around here, but none of it related to Paradox -- I am on my own.

So, anyway, I probably won't be around a whole lot, and I promise to try not to ask dumb questions.