Based on the below "simple" ado recordset assignment, I allow the user to browse through a set of records, before picking one to transfer to the local database.

On some ocassions I need to allow the user to change the contents of specific fields before they are inserted to the local databae, but without changing the data in the sort.

So what I need is actually a snapshot recordset, which allows editing of the recordset locally (not at the source) before clicking an insert button.

Any ideas on how to do so?

Cheers, Trin

Dim udvalg As ADODB.Recordset
    Set udvalg = New ADODB.Recordset
    Dim forbindelse As ADODB.Connection
    Set forbindelse = New ADODB.Connection
    Dim SQL As String

    SQL = "SELECT * FROM md_vw_trackoplysninger WHERE MUSAnummer = " & Str(box_musa.Value)

    forbindelse.Open "PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB;SERVER=GRAMEXFIN;DATABASE=Gramex_UDV;User ID=;Password="
    Set udvalg.ActiveConnection = forbindelse
    udvalg.Source = SQL
    udvalg.Locktype = adLockReadOnly
    udvalg.CursorLocation = adUseClient
    If udvalg.RecordCount <= 0 Then
        Me.subform_udvalg.Form.et_soeg.Caption = "NEJ"
        MsgBox "Der blev ikke fundet nogen tracks i Navision", vbInformation
        Me.subform_udvalg.Form.et_soeg.Caption = "JA"
    End If
    Set Me.subform_udvalg.Form.Recordset = udvalg
    Set udvalg = Nothing
    Set forbindelse = Nothing