Hi everyone, new to this forum.

I'm having problems finding good resources for pre-existing database material. I don't want to re-invent the wheel. My two goals:

1) Download existing databases and/or tables so I can simply use or modify tried structures. So far, I found a useful table that had country codes, and another that had languages of the world (from Ethnologue). However, I am currently having trouble finding a resource for Dewey Decimal categorization, and I still haven't found a general repository for modular tables, if such a thing exists.

2) Download existing data from online databases. For some reason I was interested in death statistics related to auto accidents, but I couldn't find an easily downloadable version (like a csv). Is there a central place for some of the more useful data out there? Alternatively, how does one connect into existing dbs to syphon out the data without having to type by hand?