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    Unanswered: Ambiguous name detected: obType_GotFocus

    I have 4 option buttons in a frame on my form. When i try to build the file i get the msg: Ambiguous name detected: obType_GotFocus
    below is the code,, whats going on? i have the object and select the GotFocus method from the top right drop down so i dont understand how the name is Ambiguous.

    Private Sub obType_GotFocus(Index As Integer)
    Form1.obType(Index).BackColor = RGB(128, 255, 128)
    Form1.obType(Index).ForeColor = RGB(0, 0, 0)
    End Sub

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    the same code was duplicated later in the file

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    in your code, obType must be a control array, with at least 1 instance of the control on the form.

    WHen looking at the control properties in the IDE, the Index property will not be null - it will contain the zero-based index number of the control. This index number will then be used in the event subs for the control, to specify which control is being referenced.
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