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    Question Unanswered: Characters encoding in MySQL ?

    OK, please teach me how to setup characters encoding across MySQL databases, I constantly have this problem and it is driving me crazy. Please help me or point me to related tutorial, I'm getting nowhere with MySQL documentation, and this can not be that hard to setup. Help me please!

    1. I have phpMyAdmin access to remote database. Other that that I have no control over it.
    2. I have full access and control over my localhost server.

    Both databases are MySQL 4.1, PHP > 4.3.

    I need to match each other settings so that characters are properly inserted. Tables in both databases have same collation. But characters keeps inserting wrongly. I use MySQL Instance Confuguration Wizard so I can setup 'Character set' at my local server. Sites using both databases uses UTF-8 and windows-1250 encoding, but just changing page encoding does not do anything.

    So I need to know:
    - Is Character set configuration a database-wide settings , or what ?
    - The important thing: How do I read remote database settings for this matters with phpMyAdmin?
    - What am I missing to have both databases with same settings ?

    Thank you ! .....

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    mysql character sets and collation


    have a look at this article on character sets and collation - it should help you.



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