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    Unanswered: Problem with Labels in report

    I am trying to create a report in Design View in MS Access 2003. Working with labels I found out that I cannot move them lower than a certain point in the report. In Preview, my report is just 2.5 pages long, when the whole thing should be about 5 pages. When I try to move a Label below a certain point, I get a warning that the top margin for this label is too big. How can I make a layout for a 5-page report?

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    some more info

    I have since found out that 22 inches is in fact the limit for a section.

    Below is an excerpt from a Help file. What I do not understand now is how come a section can be only 22 inches long, but the number of printed pages in a report can be up to 65,536, according to the same excerpt?

    Form and report specifications

    Number of characters in a label 2,048
    Number of characters in a text box 65,535
    Form or report width 22 in. (55.87 cm)
    Section height 22 in. (55.87 cm)
    Height of all sections plus section headers (in Design view) 200 in. (508
    Number of levels of nested forms or reports 3
    Number of fields or expressions you can sort or group on in a report 10
    Number of headers and footers in a report 1 report header/footer; 1 page
    header/footer; 10 group headers/footers
    Number of printed pages in a report 65,536
    Number of controls and sections you can add over the lifetime of the form
    or report 754

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    Typically the detail section of the report would be filled with fields from the query that feeds it. While the section might only be an inch or two tall in design view, it would be the number of records in the query that would determine how many pages printed. That inch tall section may be 1,000 printed pages, due to the number of records. If you're trying to create something static with 5 pages of labels, perhaps Word would be a better tool for the job.

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