sorry , but my knowledge in computerarea is poor.
Im just an amateur who like to get old pentiumss and all kind of computerparts for free, then trying to get the maximum out of it and giving then the complete computer away to people who cannot pay new stuff, like retired people, sick people, mentally health people, single parents families and so on.
I all do this legal and just for free , without any advantage except being happy.
At this moment ive ready again 3 Pentium II computers (333 MHz, 400 MHz and 450 MHz) , all three 128 mb, > 8 GB, legally installed Windows 98SE with book, completed with CRT monitor, mouse and keyboard and each with 2 cdrom stations and 1 diskettestation.
Also I always put word and excel on it, ive several official legal licences for that.

I never use my own licences for the giving away, I myself have Windows 95b, 98SE, Millennium, 2000 prof, XP prof and XP home and in the office series: 95, 97, 2000 premium, 2000 standard, 2000 MKB (cd1 and cd2), and XP.
One of the ready to give away has already Office 2000 Professional on board. All my data1.msi dont fit for upgrading. Who can help me in more data1.msi?
(Normally I fully fdisk and defrag befor I start building up a new pc, in this case, the HDD was already so good prepared by the donateur that I didnt do it).
PLease dont give me any codes, only codes with licence sticker are legal, and those I have enough (received by all nice people together with their computers). My only prob is I miss a good data1.msi for Office 2000 Proffessional. (otherwise I have to delete it and install a Office 2000 Standard, but of those I have only 2 legal left, want to keep those for next giving away computers).
Greeting, from Holland