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    Unanswered: Stmtheap, Applheapsz

    Can anyone tell me the best value practise to set these parameters to?
    The defaults seem to be quite low?
    Many thanks

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    I cannot give specific values to set them to, but you want to set them to the smallest value that works for your system. stmtheap is used for dynamic SQL compiling. If you have alot of dynamic SQL and it is not just basic select * from mytable stuff, then this obviously need increasing from the default. How big depends on your application. If it is too small, you will get a specific error about increasing this parameter. applheapsz is another one that depends on you application. The best way to tune this is to start at the default. If you get the error saying it is too small, increase it a little bit. Keep on doing this until the error stops.


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    general recommendation about applheapsz is: if error in db2diag.log double the size of applheapsz, if problem persists double it again.
    Hope this helps,

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