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    Unanswered: Access 2003 Security

    New user here.
    I have constructed a database to track basic employee information.
    I wish to place finished database on a the network.
    I need to obviously retain full admin persmissions for all aspects of the database.
    More importantly I need to allow one clerical user to enter data and thats it.
    Now...I have been through various explanations of how to set this up but none of it is making sense to me.
    Even the Access 2003 security wizard is great, but...I am obviously missing something.
    Does anyone have a laymans version of how to do this?
    Thanks in advance.

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    You can always disable access to menus and whatnot and startup, while allowing admin privilages via the shift-bypass. To allow only certain users access with the shift bypass, check out this walkthrough.

    This is only surface security though, and this will not make your dB "hack-proof" or even "idiot-proof". To do this, is more than I can explain in a forum posting (even if I could explain it). But this is a start.
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