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    Cool Unanswered: ACCESS: time keeping woe's

    Hello all...

    Definately want to say "hats off" to the creator of this great site. I really would like to be able to 'shoot-the-breeze' with my fellow tech-ites or as I refer to myself (a want-ta-be).

    I am taking this break so as not to have a Break-Down! This is my situation:

    I have created a database in Access to track parents who volunteer in the classroom. This is an involved item and very important to my group.

    I created the demographics tables (ie, parent name, phone numbers, email address etc); the next item necessary for the parents to get credit for their time, therefore I need a time tracking table/form, additionally there are certain volunteer services types that meet the creteria for credit toward the great reward for volunteering, and I have those listed in a table already.

    I have created a beautiful form for them to sign in on. The parents demographic information comes up after entering a password (volunteerID) and the student associated with the parent is in a subform that also populates with the 'ID' number.

    I am SOOOO stuck with the volunteer service and timesheet. I have created a combo box about 50 times but the data chosen does not save in the table.

    As far as the time sheet... I am in a complet "DUH" zone. Nothing I have tried works. The form populates with the demographics and the date is the current date, the sign in time changes with the system will not stamp the time the parent will click on the "signin" button (command button).

    If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. We want this to work for our parents, for the reward will be great and we have 98% signed up participation. I really do not want to have to take my laptop to VEGAS to work on this on break.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Do you have a table to track the time? Should have VolunteerID, ID field from Service Type table, Date, start time and end time. This table should be related to both the Volunteer and Service Type Tables in a one-to-many.

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    so, in the AfterUpdate event of your signin button something like:

    dim SQLString as string

    SQLString= "UPDATE MyTimeStampTable SET MyTimeStamp=Now() WHERE (SignInID=" & MySignInID & ");"

    WhateverConnection.Execute SQLString,,,adcmdtext

    Wouldn't work???
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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