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    Unanswered: access querying date problem

    I'm very new to this and my problem is that I have a database that has date time generated from a web survey. I need to query just a specific date and I followed multiple instructions but never comes up with anything. All the fields are empty! I've insert this in teh criteria cell, how the MS help instructions and nothing seems to work. I tried different parameters and still empty. What coudl possibly be the problem here??

    criteria entered in Access 2002:
    Between [Type the beginning date:] And [Type the ending date:]

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    If your data includes date and time as you've implied, then your criteria must include time, like:

    Between [forms]![frmCriteria].[txtDate] & " 00:00:00AM" And [forms]![frmCriteria].[txtDate] & " 11:59:59 PM"

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    Good catch Paul. I used the now() verses date() function once and ran reports and seemed to have the same problem. I ended up adding +1 to the date criteria but this definately makes more sense. Thanks.
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