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    Question Delphi and paradox database on windows terminal server 2003

    I'm trying to move a program, written in "Delphi 7 Enterprise" with a database using Paradox 7 tables to Windows Terminalserver 2003.
    I have some problems understanding how to work with "Private Dir" and "Net Dir" and installation on Windows Terminalserver 2003.

    Is there anyone, who can give me some hints?


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    This is a topic that I am also interested. I am connecting a Paradox V10 front end to a SQL Server database via a Terminal Server. I have read an article in the paradox users group that defined some parts of the installation but not all. I am not quite set up hardware wise yet, so am not in a position to test my software. I do know that you will need to set each user with there own private folder in the TS. Probably do that via code during login. In Paradox you can do that with "SetPrivDir" during the loading process. Let me know if you have gotten any further in your quest for answers.

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