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    Unanswered: How to make a Label Appear/Disappear based on Date


    Is it possible to display a label on a form only when a date listed within a current record is < todays date otherwise the Label would not be visible. For instance:

    A Warranty Exp Date within a record is dated as 06/01/2006...The user would see the "Out Of Warranty" label, otherwise if the Warranty Exp Date is >= todays date then the user would not see the "Out Of Warranty" label..

    Maybe something like: On_Current

    If Me.WarrantyExpDate < Date then Me.OOW.Visible = True <--------------- (Totally guessing here)
    somekind of statement to make it false...

    Also is it possible to make the Label Flash?


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    You're on the right track.

    You'll need Else: Me.OOW.Visible = false

    Check out the timer to make it 'flash'.

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