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    Unanswered: Replicating Data with Log Shipping or Third Party for DR

    In 2007 we plan on moving many of our SQL Servers (2000 & 2005) to a SAN. We will also be investigating the best way to replicate data from our production SAN to a Disaster Recovery SAN. I would like to know if people rely on built-in SQL Server replication / log shipping or third party products like DoubleTake or MirrorView. What's the advantage, if any, to using a third-party product?

    Thanks, Dave

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    Third party products offer a variety of benefits, and each one will gleefully toot their own horn. Each product/strategy has its own benefits, and the "right" answer for any given shop depends a lot on what they are doing, what they have now, and what they need. There isn't any "one size fits all" solution that I know about, and nothing makes me think that such a thing is comming in the forseable future.


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    One of the biggest factors playing out the decision making is the budget, and while the price does somewhat reflect the quality, it may not be a true indicator.

    With 2K5 you should also consider dbmirroring and even db snapshots. And with win2k3 you might look into majority quorum clustering.
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