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    Question Unanswered: Data access question

    Greetings Everyone!
    I have a question related to ASP and SQL connectivity. I've inherited a legacy webapp with the standard login controls and database search for records, I am fairly new in ASP programming and making this one work on our end is proving to be a headache. I've installed the database on our SQL server and I've uploaded the web files to our web server. I can't seem to login or even get a "invalid login" message from the application. I have a "" file and everything else seems to be handled by cookies, I can't find a logical connection string to the server, I'm really lost and any help is greatly appreciated. I am attaching partial code for the "" page as well as "login", "default", and "home" pages, which seem to be the logical order of the login process.
    This is the error that I get:

    "Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8'

    Object required: 'Application(...)'

    /cop/admin/, line 2 "

    Thank you so much.



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    Line 2 of is:
    set OBJdbConn = Application("fishvb")

    This appears to be a dll or some other external application. Do you have dll or application called fishvb?

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    rats, I can't find a dll or external application anywhere in the files they gave me, is there a way around this?
    Thank you so much for your response

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