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    Unanswered: Can't enter user&password for Integration Services

    I'm about to start using Integration Services in Mgmt Studio 2005.

    But, when I try to register a server for Integration Services,
    the option for choosing between Windows authentication and SQL Server
    authentication is greyed out, and it's set to Windows.
    My domain user is automatically filled in, but greyed out. I can't enter
    my password since this field is also greyed out.
    Is this some installation problem? (Connection to a Database Engine works fine.)

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    SSIS doesn't support sql auth (at least not from SSMS). there is only windows auth.

    SSAS is the same way.

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    My next problem is that I can't make my domain account connect
    without making it a member of the server's local Administrators group.

    I read this article:

    which describes how to fix this. I gave my users all kind of rights
    for the MsDtsServer component and restarted the Integration Services service on the server, but it doesn't help. What can be missing?

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    I had to add my user to the Distributed DCOM Users group, and
    the Users group had to get full access to the MsDtsServer component.
    Now it works.

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