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    Unanswered: quesitions on orcle form object navigator

    1.Can we create user defined triggers?if
    2.How can we use the search functionality?
    3.What is the use of relations in object navigator of forms?
    4.What is the use of graphics which is under canvas node in object navigator?
    5.Can we use more than one canvas in a single window? what is its use?and how can we call/display one canvas from another?
    What are object classes?
    What are the Parameters in forms?
    6. What is the use of visual attributes?
    7.What is the use of record group?
    8.What is the use of window in forms and can we use multiple windows?
    9. What is the need for multiple windows?

    any kind of suggestions are accepted...

    thanx in advance

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    I smell homework! We will not answer homework questions unless you can demostrate that you have already attempted to find the answers.
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