I have been creating a database for our school's fixed assets. In order to find assets quickly and effieciently, I have created (With A LOT of help) a "search engine" Form. This form allows me to locate assets by barcode, location, category, or employee. It places the "search Results" in a subform using the Datasheet view. I would like to be able to print all of the records that are listed in the subform after a search has been performed. I have tried a lot of different suggestions, but none of them seem to fit what I would like to do. I know that I can print off the entire form with the records displayed in the subform, but this is very costly on a color ink cartridge. If possible, I would like a button that would simply print off all of the found records as displayed in the subform. I would be happy to provide any additional information you may need in order to help me with this.